E&E Company Overview

E&E Engineering and Service Company Limited was founded by two partners, EDL-GEN Operation and Maintenance Service Sole Co. Ltd. (EDL-Gen O&M) the subsidiary company of EDL- Generation Public Company (EDL-Gen) and EGCO Engineering & Service Co. Ltd. (ESCO), the leading of Thai’s power plant operation and maintenance services provider. The Company established on 15 November 2018, registered share capital of the Company is 8,000,000,000 Kip (1 Million USD) which 60% is owned by EDL-Gen O&M and 40% by ESCO.


EDL-Gen O&M and ESCO have jointly set up the E&E Engineering and Service Company Limited for the purpose of providing Operational and maintenance to 650 MW Nam Theun1 hydroelectric power generation and to provide the various service to other power plants and industries in the Laos PDR.

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