Operation and Maintenance Service

With experience and expertise in operation and maintenance (O&M), E&E is committed to providing a comprehensive operation and maintenance service in accordance with the international standards. E&E provides full scope of services complete with highly qualified staff, advanced equipment and tools, professional services and a cost-effective approach in order to achieve high availability, efficiency and extended plant life.

O&M services are covered:

  1. Operation preparation services such as planning, system development, and training
  2. Consulting services including plant optimization, plant reliability, O&M plan and procedure, and warehouse management
  3. Human resource and staff recruitment service covering staff planning, operation and maintenance for various power plant types. This includes possible operational faults through the collection and analysis of operating data.

E&E expertise is in combined cycle power plants, thermal power plants, and renewable power plants (biomass, solar power, hydro power, wind turbine) which cover all areas from the mobilization phase to the operation phase.

Realizing that qualified staff is a key for successful plant operation and maintenance, E&E has its own capability to train its staff under intensive internal training programs for professional plant operation and maintenance. E&E, therefore, can offer the customers with the power plant system fully equipped with reliability, efficiency and complied with health, safety, and environment regulations.